Rooms for two people

Rooms for 6 peolpe

Large kitchen

comon areas

Arrival information

You will receive an SMS (text message) and Email two days before arrival with your apartment number and a pin code to open your door.

If this reservation is made within two days before arrival, you will receive your apartment number and pin code information within one hour.

There are many kinds of rooms in the house.

  • Rooms with bunk beds that sleeps six
  • Rooms with bunk beds that sleeps three
  • Roomsooms with double beds.
  • 80″ TV
  • In and Outside common areas
  • Gazebo
  • Big kitchen and common seating area.
  • Three bathrooms
  • Three Showers
Checkin & Checkout

You will receive SMS and an Email two days before your arrival, with your apartment number and a pin code to open your door.

If this reservation is made within two days before arrival, you will receive your apartment number and pin code information within one hour.

Cancellation Policy
Please don’t cancel, coming here is so worth it. But if you have to please give us 24-hour notice.  But remember that if you booked through a booking agency the cancellation rules from them apply 


SouthCentral is privately owned and family-run.

The owners have run SC for many years now. Starting with a small apartment in Selfoss (the Furugrund Apartment)

Then taking over the Brautarholt campsite while remodeling and opening the South Central Apartments in 2012. 

The Guesthouse is the latest addition    

The property was built by the owner’s grandmother close to 40 years ago, as a rest home for the elderly.

The current owners remodeled it as a guesthouse, keeping the home-like charm of the house.

The Guesthouse was formally opened in 2018.

Hermann & Ragnhildur / your hosts

Traveling alone or in a group of twenty?

The Guesthouse is nothing short of being magical, or at least we think so.  The story behind the Guesthouse is intertwined with your hoast’s family history in a special way. Back in the 80′ a farmer’s widow named Ingibjörg Jóhannsdóttir was tired of the farm life and decided to do something very different. So Ingibjörg sold her farm but kept some of the surrounding lands for herself. Ingibjörg then decided to start her own privately run retirement home, for the folks that had grown up and spent their life farming the lands around here. People thought she was crazy, and perhaps she was a bit – but in the best of ways. Because in her late sixties, Ingibjörg built the retirement home and ran it by herself for many years. Ingibjörg received praise, admiration, and thanks for her work. Everybody from the occupants and people in the surrounding towns to the president of Iceland took notice of Ingibjörg’s contributions to society. She even received the Order of the Falcon from the president, the highest praise an Icelandic person can get. 

Ingibjörg’s daughter gradually took over the home when Ingibjörg herself got too old to run it herself. Her daughter (Hildur) ran the home for many years even after the old woman passed away. The home continued to get praise from everybody who came there because even though it was an institution it always felt just like home.

In 2016 the retirement home closed down, too many government regulation changes had made it so that to keep running it as a retirement home, meant that it would almost have to be re-built and turned into a hospital and neither Ingibjörg nor her daughter felt like this house should ever be anything but temporary home to those who need it.

In 2017 the old lady’s grandson took over the property and decided to turn it into a home once again, but this time for travelers.  And that is just what you will get when you stay with us in the Guesthouse – a feeling of an Icelandic country home.

The bedrooms

There are many kinds of bedrooms to choose from in the Guesthouse. Traveling in a group, NO PROBLEM you can all bunk up together. Or if you are parents with a bunch of kids, NO PROBLEM, mom, and dad can get a private room and the kids can bunk up. No matter the size of tour group there should be a combo that fits you. 


The apartment comes fully loaded and then some. But just as a reminder the nearest store is about 25 km away so do your shopping on the way. 


2 to 6 beds pr room

So like we said a lot of rooms in all shapes and sizses


Highspeed internet with no real limitations even though we are out in the country


There is a huge flat screen Tv. But hey you are in Iceland! go out and enjoy nature


YES! of course, there is a dishwasher, Who wants to spend their holiday doing dishes?


There is a washing machine and you can hang your clothes outside under a dry roof


Fully loaded! Both for eating and cooking. Most importantly a Coffie maker

Shower / Bathroom

The bathroom is big, private, clean, and has an awesome shower.


With all the hot water around, it seemed a waste not to have one. it is right outside your kitchen window

Hiking and biking

Both biking and hiking are of course close by.  In Iceland, we call hiking a “Labbitúr”  and it is basically just going for a walk, which you can do almost anywhere. 

The biking part is also an option, but we want you to remember ti be carefull. Off road biking in the wrong places can be both dangerous an costly if you go of the path and end up ruining nature. Also there are no official bike paths along our highway so you are close to traffic. So that being said remember to be well light up, have reflective gear, let someone know exactly where you are going, chek in often and enjoy.   

And in both cases remember to prepare for any kind of weather. You know the old Icelandic saying. 

If you dont like the weather now -wait 10 minutes. 

What Our Customers Are Saying


Warm, friendly and convenient.

It was a lovely visit. We felt welcome, we were greeted on arrival and the property was very clean with many facilities. It had everything you need: a tv room, big kitchen, board games etc. We would recommend to anyone.




Best two days of stay

Loved everything here, the house is super clean and well decorated. It’s very calm, like a farm house with horses across the field. Everything we need to cook or for a pleasant stay is available, the welcome was warm. Just all positive




Definitely worth a stop along the ring road! loved it

Very comfortable hostel. The beds were also very comfortable. My fiancé and I were able to have a private room together. The kitchen is spacious and the bathroom is very clean. They have a dog that is the cutest dog in the whole world :,) very friendly, but be careful because he likes to be stinky like most outdoor dogs (he is strictly outside the hostel). Would definitely stay again and I already miss my stinky, furry friend.





Everything! It is my second time here, and I hope to be back!




Food and Drink

Just as a reminder the apartment is a few kilometers from the nearest shop. So stockpile a bit.


The water in Iceland is fresh, pure, and perfectly safe for drinking right out of the tap. Anyone trying to sell you the fact that you need to buy and drink bottled water is just full of it.

But of course, having a bottle of water with you while traveling is always good, but you are welcome to fill it from our taps.

The other kind of drinking

If you were thinking of alcohol it is only sold in special stores in Iceland (and bars) that are only open on weekdays and most of them only until six o clock.

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