South Central


South Central Apartments

Brand new family accommodations in the golden circle.

The South Central Apartments were built in 2012 with comfort in mind.  The apartments are spacious and bright with comfortable beds or up to four people. There is a double bed and a bunk bed for two with 90X200 matrasses. The bunk beds are designed for adults so they are both big and sturdy.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with cooking equipment and utilities for six people, a flat-screen Tv, free Wi-Fi, and a view outside the window that is to die for.

The bathroom is big, bright, and comes with a big powerful shower and a hairdryer.

Only 200 meters away there is a campsite, Swimmingpool and a play area for kids.

Strangely enough, there is a bar and restaurant within walking distance only 500 m. away. 


Privately owned and family-run.

The property has gone through some drastic changes since it was first built as a gas station & store in the 80´

Later it became a candle factory & restaurant.

The current owners decided to rebuild it back in 2012 and turn it into 5 modern apartments that were designed with family travels in mind.

Hermann & Ragnhildur

According to

  • Cleniness 96% 96%
  • Comfort 92% 92%
  • Facilities 90% 90%
  • Staff 93% 93%
  • Value for money 100% 100%
  • Location 86% 86%

Arrival information

You will receive Email two days before arrival with your apartment number and access code to open your door.

Note that the next supermarkets are in Selfoss (28 km) and Flúðir (19 km).

Km to Reykjavík

Km to store

meters to Pool



1. Entire

2. Fully equipped kitchen and seating area.

3. Double bed

4. 90 x 200 bunk beds

5. Bathroom

6. Sitting bench /Tv

The South Central Apartments


Food and Drink

Just as a reminder the apartment is a few kilometers from the nearest shop. So stockpile a bit.


The water in Iceland is fresh, pure and perfectly safe for drinking right out of the tap. Anyone trying to sell you the fact that you need to buy and drink bottled water is just full of it.

But of course having a bottle of water with you while traveling is always good, but you are welcome to fill it from our taps.

The other kind of drinking

If you were thinking of alcohol it is only sold in special stores in Iceland (and bars) that are only open on weekdays and most of them only until six o clock.

Very comfortable beds

Very comfortable beds and space enough to fit 4 adults (however we were 2). The kitchen has everything you need to cook (even salt and pepper) and different appliances. The toilet was great and we had towels and hair dryer+ shower gel and shampoo. The kitchen area is big enough to accommodate 4 adults. You even have a TV with different channels. 



Conveniently located off the Golden Circle

Conveniently located off the Golden Circle near the Secret Lagoon, with all the required amenities.”



Everything was perfect

“Everything was perfect for travelers using rental cars and cooking meals. Also, the host gave us enough time to check out”


South Korea

Everything was clean and cozy

“It was a really nice small studio Apartment, perfect for a family of 4. Everything was clean and cozy. Behind the building was a school where the playground was also for public use (during July and August), our Kids loved that! There is also a Swimming pool.”



The accommodation was fantastic

“The check-in with a key-code was very nice and easy. The accommodation was fantastic, the kitchen fully equipped (cutlery + oven+coffee machine)  The beds and the room very comfortable. A nice and very convenient location to explore the Golden Circle / Southern Area.”



“Location is great, close to secret lagoon, Gulfoss and Selfoss.”






Yes there is a fridge 1/2 size. And it is all yours, no minibar scams here
Free Parking
Of course, there is free parking,
Bedroom Comforts

All of the four beds have amazing matrasses suited for adults. 

Washer & Dryer
Not in the apartment, but just talk to us if you are in a bind 🙂
There is a big flat screen Tv. But hey you are in Iceland! go out and enjoy nature
Fully loaded! Both for eating and cooking. Most importantly a Coffie maker
Free WiFi
Highspeed internet with no real limitations even though we are out in the country
Please don’t! It stinks up the room and is really bad for you (not allowed)
Glad you asked. Big, Private, clean and it has an awesome shower.
Not allowed! but you can bring your kids
Checkin & Checkout
You will receive SMS and an Email two days before your arrival, with your apartment number and a pin code to open your door.

If this reservation is made within two days before arrival, you will receive your apartment number and pin code information within one hour.

Cancellation Policy
Please don’t cancel, coming here is totally worth it. But if you have to please give us an24 hour notice
House Rules
Don’t break stuff, don’t be a messy slob, don’t bring pets, don’t smoke inside
Have a Question?

Talk to the Host


Location & Nearby Attractions

Here is a list, not the list of everything.  There are endless things to do around here

There are some good restaurants not far from here



This whole place an adveture
Biking & Hiking

Both biking and hiking are of course close by.  In Iceland we call hiking a “Labbitúr”  and it is basically jus going for a walk, witch you can do almost anywhere. 

The biking part is also an option, but we want you to remember ti be carefull. Off road biking in the wrong places can be both dangerous an costly if you go of the path and end up ruining nature. Also there are no official bike paths along our highway so you are close to traffic. So that being said remember to be well light up, have reflective gear, let someone know exactly where you are going, chek in often and enjoy.   

And in both cases remember to prepare for any kind of weather. You know the old Icelandic saying. If you dont like the weather now -wait 10 minutes. 


Feel at home when traveling

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