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South Central


South Central

Country Apartment

South Central


South Central



A wonderful way to explore the country.

But just because you plan on “roughing” it, does not mean you cant enjoy all the best comforts South Central offers. Showers, swimming, sports, electricity and clean toilets are only a few of the things  that our luxury campsite offers

There are of course many attractions and activities close by the campsite.

One of the finest campsites in the south.

Facilities and the area is exemplary.

Selfoss, Flúðir and Árnes are the near by villages, all in about 15-20 minutes driving distance from the campsite.

In the immediate vicinity of South Central Camping is Hestakráin (local pub). Only 15 minutes walking distance.

There are beautiful hiking paths in the area. Vörðufell, Hestfjall and Miðfell are popular mountains for hiking, not to mention Þjórsárdalur which contains endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn about nature on their own terms.

Km to the secret lagoon

Km to Geysir

Km to Gullfoss

Km to Pool

Km to Kerið


Electricity is available. Each link is 10 amp. and is charged extra.

Showers & WC

There are very good sanitary facilities in the area, and showers are available around the clock.


The preschool Playground is located beside the campsite and is open to visitors on weekends and during the school summer holidays.

Sports Field

The playing field is always popular. There are soccer goals and a lot of open space that can be used for various sports.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming pool is very popular and the sauna has been a popular attraction for visitors and the local people. A great way to spend the day with the family during your travels through Iceland.

Showers & WC

There are very good sanitary facilities in the area, and showers are available around the clock.

Campsite Rules

It is permitted to drive on to the campground and park by you tent or trailer.

If the car used during the stay it shall be parked to the parking lot.

Please try to keep your driving on the camping ground to a minimum.

Between 23:30 and 09:00 driving is strictly forbidden on the camping ground.

Please keep quiet after midnight and show your fellow travellers respect.

General Icelandic rules about public indecency and intoxication apply on the camping grounds.

Dogs are allowed on the grounds as long as they are leashed and do not disturb other campers.

Please respect your surroundings and clean up after your selves.

South Central Country Apartment


Food and Drink

Just as a reminder the apartment is a few kilometers from the nearest shop. So stockpile a bit.


The water in Iceland is fresh, pure and perfectly safe for drinking right out of the tap. Anyone trying to sell you the fact that you need to buy and drink bottled water is just full of it.

But of course having a bottle of water with you while traveling is always good, but you are welcome to fill it from our taps.

The other kind of drinking

If you were thinking of alcohol it is only sold in special stores in Iceland (and bars) that are only open on weekdays and most of them only until six o clock.

The best camping i ever had in my journey in iceland

This one of the best camping places i ever had.

The hottube is so nice the swimming pool is so good for to swim and the sauna is so hot love it. I recommend this so as you search for a camping ground go here.there are showers and toilets and place for to eat and elektricity.

Love this camping!

Fredrik C

For out of five stars

Furugrund 19, 800 Selfoss, Iceland
(+354) 663 4666

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